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2020-21 Season Player Commitment



By completing this form you are committed to your team for 2020-21 season with Express FC. 


  • All players and their families are expected to abide by and support the policies and procedures included therein. If you have any questions, please contact your team coach or the Director of Coaching.
  • All players are expected to meet a high standard of commitment to training and play. Players are expected to attend all practices and participate in all league games and tournaments. Although we strive to provide quality playing time for all players, there are NO specific guarantees of playing time in any single game for Travel/Select Players.
  • All players should expect to play in several tournaments on the weekends or possible on holiday weekends.
  • All players are expected to fulfill their commitment to themselves, to their teammates and to EXPRESS FC for the duration of the seasonal year.


We have a great group of families and it is our hope that we can all stay together and improve on all things moving forward.


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Please direct questions to

VP Chhun Bill Bailey
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Cell #: (248) 808-2651 Cell #: (248) 720-8834